Deep Pore Pure Facial Cleanser

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Deep Pore Cleanser is formulated with a natural antiseptic and astringent found within the bark of the White Oak tree (a saponin). Yucca and Aloe extracts are added to aid in keeping the skin clean, tight and healthy.

Deep Pore Cleanser is effective in controlling the gram positive/gram negative bacteria in the skin and product itself. This is essential in the treatment of oily skin, acne skin and darker skin tones such as black skin. “Deep Pore cleanser” means that the skin cleansing properties of the cleanser also have a disincrusting action on waxes and debris deep in the pores.

Gentle non-stripping foaming cleanser, contains skin cleansing properties that have a disincrustation action on waxes and debris deep in the pores, removes cell build up and makeup

  • Leaves skin feeling clean, soft, and supple
  • Instant brightening effect on the skin
  • Detoxifies, and leaves the skin with an antibacterial protection
  • Contains natural botanical astringents and antiseptics
  • pH Balanced
  • Can be used by males for shaving