Considered the most advanced electrical facelift system of its time, CACI utilises a computer aided cosmetology instrument to lift, firm and tone skin. CACI anti-aging facial treatments and anti-aging facials in Westport, County Mayo encourage the production of collagen and elastin resulting in healthier, smoother, younger looking skin when you treat yourself to a facial at Geraldine’s Skincare Clinic. A facial the celebrities love available in Westport, Ireland, including Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Jennifer Anniston.

C.A.C.I. Ultimate treatments at Geraldine’s Skincare Clinic include:

CACI Ultimate Facial

(1hr 30mins)

€ 85.00

The Worlds number one non-surgical facelift treatment available at Geraldine’s Skincare Clinic, Westport. As the name suggests The CACI Ultimate really is the Ultimate aesthetic treatment system. As the very first treatment system to combine; Microcurrent, Facial Toning Crystal Free orbital Microdermabrasion and, LED Light Therapy Photo Stimulation the CACI Ultimate is truly the most versatile treatment system available.Visibly lifts and tightens sagging muscles and improves skin condition. Immediate and dramatic results.

CACI Classic Facial

(1hr 10mins)

€ 65.00

This skin treatment uses electrical impulses to lift, firm and tone sagging muscles and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The impulses are completely sub sensory which means you experience no sensation during the treatment.

CACI Microdermabrasion Facial


€ 65.00

As we age, the automatic process of exfoliation and cell renewal slows down. Microdermabrasion treatments are skin peeling treatments for acne, lines, facial wrinkles and sun damage and are effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. The anti-aging treatment Westport includes light therapy/wrinkle comb and hydratone mask and removes scar tissue. CACI and Geraldine’s Skincare Clinic provide the best microdermabrasion treatments in Westport. The procedure is not very painful and requires no anesthetic. Microdermabrasion can be used medically for scar removal when the scar is raised above the surrounding skin, but is less effective with sunken scars. Microdermabrasion can also be used to treat sun-damaged skin and to improve acne but must be repeated periodically to be effective. Different microdermabrasion methods are used to the exfoliate the skin.

CACI Hydratone Facial



An intensive skin hydration and face firming treatment . This Hydratone facial combines a special electrically conductive hyaluronic gel mask becomes (charged) so that the whole face is bathed with rejuvenating energy. The skin is cleansed and exfoliated before the mask . Infused with collagen ,hyaluronic acid vitamin E & C is applied. Dehydrated and environmentally damaged skin is quenched, whilst deep lines and wrinkles are plumped leaving the skin looking radiant ,softer and more youthful

CACI Eye Treatment



Eye treatments in Westport are ideal for lifting and toning tired and puffy eyes. Whilst restoring the skins hydration levels, this treatment at Geraldine’s Skincare Clinic includes microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage and a  collagen based hydro mask. The NEW CACI Eye Revive treatment is a must-have treatment for anyone concerned with ageing and puffiness around the delicate eye area. The gentle 30 minute treatment soothes tired eyes and reduces puffiness, reduces dark circles, and minimises and reduces fine lines and wrinkles while lifting hooded eyes.